Movie secrets 🎥 : Secret noises in movies, what are needed but you don’t know about them.

The world of filmmakers is full of secrets. In the 20s the earlier days of cinema, only silent films were played. But that all changed thanks to new inventions and now we can listen to our Tv all day long. It’s a well-known fact that animated movies are all synchronized and Tv shows are translated into different languages, but maybe even you didn’t know that background noises are also synced separately.

For example, when you hear a dog walking or noises of shoe steps, those noises were recorded afterward by Foley Artists. Post-production needed as well when on-site audio recording failed, say at a cafe scene where the conversation needs to be re-recorded because the floor crackled under the cameraman walking around the table. Of course, nowadays, thanks to the multi-genres, it is often necessary to produce non-existent sounds that are used in different movies, for example in Fantasy.

A Tv-drama show about cooking shows the process of added background noises.

And what does a Foley Artist studio looks like?

Well, the most important thing is to have different walking surfaces. A half and a half meter of asphalt, concrete, parquet, tiles, sand, gravel and earth in a box so that walking on them can be reproduced quickly. Studios need a large space to comfortably reproduced movements. Floyd Artists need a big screen, to see the scenes perfectly. Then, from the computer keyboard to the rubber ball, to the gloves, to the bag, there are all sorts of stuff they can use to make noises. It’s best to have the studio in the household if it is possible.

Little works could be down in minutes. A bigger project like an animation movie takes four weeks, but obviously, an animated film is much more complicated, there you have to do all the sounds from start to finish. A movie takes about ten days if you prepare thoroughly, go through the movie multiple times, get the supplies, and plan an order in which you record the scenes.

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