Melanie Martinez came back – wierd theorys about K-12

The crazy queen just gets back in the game, Melanie Martinez’s new album is coming. And this girl basically can rewrite music history. Because she can sing she, write her own music, direct the video clips, and in the end, she always can show us somethings that we never saw before. So let’s see what we know so far, about the new album and what are the theories. 😍🎶🦷

Melanie already started working on this project a while ago, so if it took two years, it must be brilliant, just as much as her other works. The record will be out on September 6, but you can see the full K-12 a day before the release date in certain cinemas.

The film for the album was shot in Hungary Fertőd Castle in last September, what I’m really proud of because I’m Hungarian, so it is really cool. 😍

Flag: Hungary on Apple iOS 12.2

The album has thirteen-track, what is really interesting, because thirteen is well known for being a wicked number, and everybody who ever heard any Martinez song knows that her videos look so special, interesting and a little bit black cursed, so it could be some kind of hidden message. Although I’m probably wrong, cuz September 13 is Friday what could actually give a meaning to this theory. If she releases thirteen songs on Friday, September 13. But she is not going to do that. Sooo thirteen in this case probably a meaningless number, but who knows maybe she meant something with thirteen. 💔

It’s a mystery why the album was named K-12, especially the K letter, but 12 could reflect 2012 the year when she started her carrier in The Voice, or it could reflect for the twelfth month of the year, December when two years ago her scandal erupted. A day is 2×12 hours, and a year is 12 months and in more elevated aspect: there is twelve zodiac sign in both Western and Chinese culture, which according to astrology show our destiny from birth.

So if the 12 in the album title would reflence any of these things that would be cool. 🏹🪒🏺🦁🦂🐍🦀🐟🐂🐏👧🐐 ⚖️

But of course, these are just guesses. What K-12 could refer to? Maybe we can not know it yet, overall I think we’ll know everything when the album finally comes out.

Finally, all I would like to say, that I’m curious to know, what are your theories? Melanie had said a few years ago that all her albums will be connected to each other, what do you think, will that happen?

😇🎹😻🏟️🎶💄🎵💋🎶😍🎤🎩👩‍🎤 😇

ps.: Good luck Melanie ❣️

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