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“I think if I don’t eat today, I’ll be prettier tomorrow,” says all anorexics, but why do we assume that with gray mindset, that to be beautiful we need to be slim and to be skinny we need to stop eating. Why people fall into the rabbit halo again and again and again, regardless of gender and age? And why are they say starvingly that no, I can’t eat too much, I can’t have another bite, because I read on the net that I going to be prettier if under the name of diet I starve as much as I can.

It is hard to tell since when die is a part of humans life, maybe it has always been, but it is certain that the first diet trend has spread thanks to a book published by William Banting in 1863. Subsequently, there were a lot of strange diet tricks and they became known mainly with the help of Hollywood stars, in most cases these nutritional advice ignored the scientific facts and in the long run they made more harm than good. One of the first fashion-diet was to take arzen tablets, whiche caused side effects like: blindness, liver problems, and death.

Today’s widespread diet trends, unlike the old ones, rely on scientific bases, which is why if it is ultimately wrong, it is harder to prove that they are false than ever before.

One of the big diet trends of the 21st century, known as Beyonce’s “Lemonade Diet”, which contains warm water orange juice, maple syrup and Cayenne pepper,. For example, has proven to be useful in the short term, but in long-run it faild.

Jessica Alba’s ‘Corset Diet’ comes back from the shadow of the past, and since this method literally compresses the internal organs, most doctors would never recommend this method.

Of course, there are a lot of diets that you don’t need to have big names for, such as the Paleo diet, which has been spreading a few years ago, what says “we should eat like cavemen”.

Vegetarians follow a type of diet too, although their decision is more of a spiritual cause, because diet does not necessarily serve to reduce the weight of the human body, but rather to protect the animals.

Then there is the 80/10/10 Diet, according to which 80 percent of our dietary should be a fruit, 10 percent protein, and 10 percent fat. This is a long process usually it is working eventually, but it takes more months.

The Chewing diet that every snack that you take in your mouth should be chewed at least 32 times before you swallow it. Surprisingly, this strange tactic is working , because this processes tricks our brain and make it belive that we ate more, than we actually did.

Perhaps one of the worst and most useless dietary is the Blue Vision diet that spreads from Japan. The essence of this revolutionary method is that wearing the blue lenses makes the food more disgusting for us, so we prefer to eat less. Should I even say it is not not working?

Lastly, the Blood Group diet is based on the division of diets according to blood groups, because the same diet is not good for different blood type people.

The list slowly come to an end, altoht literally countless number of diets exist, the most useful advice is to get a Dietitian in order to be effective weight loss and personalized healthy regime.

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