How can you write the perfect article? πŸ™ƒ

  First of all, you need to write a short but sophisticated prologue and make everything seem like you write something fresh and new. Don’t remind anybody that already hundreds articles existing just like this about the same tema, and by the way you already read half of them to get the information what you needed to your own essay.      

But it is okey, it can be our little secret. πŸ˜‰

   Ohh… well, the first picture is very important, because people like pictures more than words and you wanna keep their attention. How do I know that people likes these pictures? Well, I searched it on Google just like you will do.

   It is really importnt you use word like; sophisticated, researc, sociality, fake news and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious… Cuz you wanna show everbody how smart you are. πŸ“š

     Now here comes a diagram about it all, cuz I really wanna make you believe how much I am right about what I write. The second reason is that you know your readers are lazy and they don’t wanna read the whole article cause there are too much letter in it, so everybody just checking the shine colorfull things between the words.

      I hope you feel that, in this whole time I was only talk about you and me (and the readers) , it is like a love letter from me to you, and if I write everything this directly I just going to trick you think that I am your friend who is sitting next to you, and you just will believe my opinion more and more till you think my point of view is your pont of view as well. In the end it will feel like you already know everything so you not gonna read a other articles, to have more perspective and more knowledge, cuz…

       Well, I leave you to decide what is the ending of the sentence. Make you think that I care what you think and I weren’t try to to force my opinion on you.

And know we need some more picture or GIF.

    Eventually finish your text with something wise, what you stole from instagram quotes, what just said something smart from Robin Williams, I mean that what the image said but actually Napoleon said it first, but it doesn’t matter cuz you gonna act like you thought about it first.

     After you finished and published it. You gonna realize that people really don’t like read that much word as much as you wrote done. Even you didn’t liked read it again to check that everything is well written, cause you wanna watch stupid videos on youtube, and then it gonna hit you, you, YOU should be a youtuber instead writing stuff like this.

I wish you luck.

Your will be fine if yours going to look nothing like this

ps.: I hope you know what sarcasm is. 😘

Author: Γ‰vi Writter

Hi Stranger, who was brave enough to come here, from a far-far universe My name is Γ‰vi JΓΊlia Writter, it is really nice to meet you even just in the online space. I'm from Hungary and I still live in Europe so even though I write in English, this is absolutely not my first language, and that is the reason why I make grammy mistakes, but I swear I always trying my best. I hope you will like my website and enjoy it. That is all that I wanna say for no but you can ask me almost anything if you wanna. Have fun reading and I wish you a beautiful day!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️

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