Sabrina Carpenter wants to stay in her bed with Singular: Act II

The 20 years old singer realized a new music video to her song called ‘ In My Bed’ the cathce melody is a part of her new album Singular: Act II which will be realesed in July 19.

Sabrina resume is pretty impressive; She met with the World only when she was ten years old in the “The Next Miley Cyrus Project” show. Then Brina started acting and she appeared in shows like; Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Goodwin Games, Gulliver Quinn, Austin and Ally and of course her great introduction happened in the hit show Girl meets world where she played a beloved character Maya Heart. 🖤

Her first album Eyes Wild Open was her perfect introduction to the music world with songs like; Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying, Eyes Wide Open, The Middle of Starting Over. Sabrina’s second album Evolution had an undeniable big hit called ‘Thumbs’. In 2018 November 9, she released her third studio album Singular: Act I whats second part soone will arrive at the finish line, and you will be able to find the new CD in the shops soon.

Carpenter surely loves the ASMR trend too, cuz she made a special video, in the set of her new music video, which I just call the unicorn set cuz it looks so colorful and magical 🦄.


This is the first part of her album. 🎶🦄🎶

Author: Évi Writter

Hi, my name is Évi Júlia Writter andI'm happy that you are here. I am eighteen years old, I was born in Budapest so Hungarian is my mother language and I only started learning English some years ago so I still need a little time, but I hope that I still can write cool articles and with time, my English articles will truly show my writing style. I hope you were wondering about the purpose of the magazine and what will make it special. Well, every paper, magazine, book only can become special by the positive effect that it brings to the readers. So one day hopefully the site will be that colourful, informative and positive that when you will leave the page you will have a smile on your face because of the article what you read, well that will be the day when the 'Make You Smile Magazine' has achieved its goal. I hope you will stay, I hope you will come back, I hope I can make your day a little happier.

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