Taylor Swift – You need to calm down easter eggs 🎡πŸ₯š

Taylor Swift proudly celebrating the pride month with her new song You need to calm down. But we hardly can calm down knowing her new video clip just come out, and the album will follow it soon. So let’s check all the easter eggs, shall we?

  1. Is the title of the song itself what was mentioned in ME!

2. ‘Mom, I Am A Rich Man’ Cher said it to her mother when she said “You know sweetheart one day you should settle down and marry a rich man” Cher replied, “Mom, I Am A Rich Man”. It was at the time when women started to become independent and the LGBT  community started coming out and sharing their voices too. long article

3. We can see a picture of Benjamin Taylor’s new cat on the watch. And in the watch, we have a 13 instead of 1.

4. The whole room is painted lavender, which colour symbolize homosexuality since the 18th. more about this topic


5. Obviously, there is the phone case with the new album title ‘Lover’. That one was easy I know. 😜

6. I know this is not an easter egg but I honestly think there will be something with the fire later on in the other video clips.

7. In ME! there was this unicorn what actually symbols LGBT community as well, but maybe this is just a coincidence, or I just see to much in it.

8. She has a 13 on her necklace.

9. 5=LGBTQ : Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer ( I know that this one was obvious, but still this is cool )

10. We have here all the ladies, what is just a really nice moment.

Ariana, Lady Gaga, Adale, Cardi B, Taylor Swift, Beyonce Katy Perry, Niki Minaj

11. In the end, we have here a moment of peace, the two rival become friend again slowly and the easter egg here is it that dress what Katy Perry wore at the Grammys.

I truly would like to say something smart or meaningful now, but honestly, I think this video clip is great and brave. I never really felt like we can write down what we feel when we hear a song, cuz our feelings always change so we can never feel the same thing twice when we hear a melody. So I think instead of reading my closing monologue, just listen to the song again.

I can find new Easter eggs in Taylor’s song any time so the article is not finished yet…


Author: Γ‰vi Writter

Hi Stranger, who was brave enough to come here, from a far-far universe My name is Γ‰vi JΓΊlia Writter, it is really nice to meet you even just in the online space. I'm from Hungary and I still live in Europe so even though I write in English, this is absolutely not my first language, and that is the reason why I make grammy mistakes, but I swear I always trying my best. I hope you will like my website and enjoy it. That is all that I wanna say for no but you can ask me almost anything if you wanna. Have fun reading and I wish you a beautiful day!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️

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