Opinion-less influencers ?

  There are influencers everywhere nowadays, they waiting for you the corner of the streets to catch you and ask you to follow, them. And surprisingly it is seems more like a job then a hobby these days, but are the influencers more like the influenza or they actually help us?

this picture just an image, the article not necessarily talks about these influencers/artist

“Influencer is a person or group that has the abilityto influence the behaviour or opinions of others” – Cambridge Business English Dictionary 

  So being an original influencer sound pretty cool and comes with so much responsibility. But what it means?
  You have something to tell the world ; an oppinion to share with us, and if enough people can identify with you, they start to care for your work and after a time they become people who listen to your opinion and care about what you say, they simply called “followers”. But if you follow the right people you not become a number but become a team member, someone who matters to the influencer, and your loyalty for the topic or the person (entertainers, singers, acters, youtubers, speakers, instamodels…ect), will be paid back with honesty.
  I know, I know it is sounds too cheesy but think about it, this is how it should be. But why most case it can’t work?

  The first and worth answer is that the influencer only see you as a number in a check.
The second possibility is when someone work there way up, and a pont of time lose touch with realety, but eventually and hopefully they found there way back to themself.
  And the third case is when you just a part of a good, honest peorson team who somehow manageg to stay grounded and that is hard.

As humans we have this thing that we allways want to belong somewhere so we follow others who follow others, and the others follow the new trend what is made by buissnessmen, so eventually, most thing what we do or love was controled by another poeple chosse, who’s steps was defind by us.

So answering the main question what I asked, I think most influencer has there oppinion on things but becuse these people want to reach more and more person it is easily can happen that they change there own mind for not the good reasons. Most of the time we can’t blame them cuz they need to live from something too, but it is usually up to us to hear/watch people in the virtual space who have real values ​​and not just there for our wallets, but unfortunately, no one can protect anyone from false prophets in the online space.

Fortunately, there are a lot of creative people everywhere, and a lot of content creator put their heart in their work, so the negative part was obviously not about them. And maybe it does not seems like it but this article was “inspiried” by the Fyre festival’s advertising campaign, because they sold nothing for a pretty good price, and they needed only a few influencer, to spread the news of the festival all over the world. The question is that although the models did not know what the outcome of the festival would be, they did not indicate that they were promoting a paid content. And should they have been held responsibility or not?

Author: Évi Writter

Hi, my name is Évi Júlia Writter andI'm happy that you are here. I am eighteen years old, I was born in Budapest so Hungarian is my mother language and I only started learning English some years ago so I still need a little time, but I hope that I still can write cool articles and with time, my English articles will truly show my writing style. I hope you were wondering about the purpose of the magazine and what will make it special. Well, every paper, magazine, book only can become special by the positive effect that it brings to the readers. So one day hopefully the site will be that colourful, informative and positive that when you will leave the page you will have a smile on your face because of the article what you read, well that will be the day when the 'Make You Smile Magazine' has achieved its goal. I hope you will stay, I hope you will come back, I hope I can make your day a little happier.

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